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Create your first email campaign

Get started by creating your very first email marketing campaign.

Note: This article covers creating a campaign with text and images using the tools availble in Email Marketing. It’s possible for you to create a plain text email campaign, or you can use custom HTML to create a campaign from scratch.

  1. Log in to your Email Marketing account. (Need help logging in?)
  2. Click the Compose! button in the right panel.
    Click Compose

    A blank campaign opens that looks something like this:

    Blank campaign

  3. Enter a name for your campaign.
    Enter a name for your campaign
  4. To upload a banner image, click the plus sign on the Images tab.

    A banner image is the graphic (590 pixels wide) that appears at the top of your email campaign, giving your readers a first impression. For more information see, Add a banner image

    Click the plus sign

  5. Browse to the image you want to upload to the Images tab, and click Open.
  6. Click and drag the image from the Images tab to the banner placeholder.
    Click and drag the handle
  7. In the Banner link dialog box that automatically appears, enter the URL you want people to go to when they click the banner image, and then click Save.
    Enter the link address and click Save
  8. Click This is your main headline, enter a headline, and click OK.
    Enter a headline and click OK
  9. To structure your email campaign layout, use the module buttons located at the bottom of the campaign.
    Module buttonNameDescription
    Image and text composer module buttonImage & TextA mixed module with an image holder on the left, and a text block on the right.
    Text and image composer module buttonText & ImageA mixed module with a text block on the left, and an image holder on the right.
    Text composer module buttonTextA full width text block. You can format text, and change the text style.
    Image composer module buttonImageA full width image holder. You can add more images in a row, and you can resize it.
    Section title composer module buttonSection TitleA special text block that contains only top-line H1 styled text. You can change the style of the section title text independent of the other text types in the style editor.
    Button composer module buttonButtonA call-to-action button that allows you to define the display text and link to any URL. You can change the button styling in the style editor. Learn more about the button module.
    Divider composer module buttonDividerA horizontal line to visually separate different chunks of your campaign.
  10. In the text placeholder, enter your text.
  11. Upload an image to the Image tab, click and drag the image onto the image placeholder (just as you did with the banner image), and click OK.
    Add text and drag image into placeholder
  12. To change the color and formatting of your campaign, click the Styles tab that is located in the right pane next to the Images tab, and choose a style.
    Click the Styles tab
  13. To preview your campaign, click the Preview button.
    Click the Preview button

    At this point, your campaign may look something like this:
    Email marketing campaign
    You can add more modules that contain section title, image, text, and buttonplaceholders. Simply repeat steps 9, 10, and 11.

  14. In the upper right pane of your campaign (next to Continue), click the Save button.
    Click Save

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