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Moving text from V6 to V7

Once you buy the latest version of Website Builder, you’ll want to move your v6 content to your new v7 site. The v6 content will not be accessible after you publish the new site.

Note: Depending on your site’s size, this manual process can take a while. You may want to check out Options to migrate my website.

  1. Use your Web browser to display your published v6 site. (In other words, don’t launch the Website Builder v6 program.)
  2. In a separate browser window, log in to your account.
  3. In your Products list click Website Builder, and then click Manage next to your newaccount (not your v6 account).
  4. When your new Website Builder launches, select a theme for your new site.
  5. Create some empty pages to which you’ll move content from your v6 site. (See Add A Page.)

    Note: No need to spend a lot of time creating perfect pages — the goal is to move your v6 content over to the new site as simply as possible. You can rename and polish your v7 pages later on if you like.

  6. Create a text box on one of the new pages by clicking the Text tool in the left-hand toolbar. Drag the text box if you need to reposition it.
    Click the Text tool and drag a text box onto the page
  7. Switch to your v6 site’s tab/window, select the text on a page, and use Cntrl/Command+C to copy it.
  8. Switch back to the tab/window displaying your new Website Builder site, select the text box’s placeholder text, and use Cntrl/Command+V to replace it with the text copied from your v6 site.
    Replace v7 placeholder text with text from your v6 site
  9. Repeat these steps on each page of your v6 site until you’ve copied all the text to your new site.

    Note: Besides moving text, you’ll also need to re-upload your v6 site’s images to your new site. See Add image and Adding image slideshows and photo galleries.

  10. Because the v6 version (and its content) will no longer be available after you publishyour v7 site, double-check to make sure you have copied over everything from the old site.
  11. After confirming that you’ve moved everything to the new site, you can publish it. (SeePublish my website.)

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  • Unlike Website Builder v6, Website Builder’s current version doesn’t preserve your content when you switch themes. See Change themes.