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Set up a forwarding email account

You can set up an email address solely for the purpose of forwarding messages to other mailboxes. No email gets stored at the forwarding address that you set up; all email gets immediately directed to the destination email address.

Warning: If you want to use an email address that you’ve already set up with email as your forwarding account, you’ll need to delete that address, and then follow these instructions.

If you don’t want to delete the address, you can set up forwarding copies of incoming emails, to another inbox.

  • Log in to your Workspace Email account and open your product. (Need help logging in?)
  • Your next step depends on if you are using a free forwarding pack:
    Using a free forwarding pack?Then…
    YesNext to Email Forwarding, click Set up. Continue with the next step.
    NoSkip to step 7.
  • Choose the domain you want to use to create your forwarding account.

    Note: While the free credit is attached to a specific domain name on the list, you can attach the credit to any domain in your account, when you create the actual forwarding account.

  • Click Set Up.
  • Click the X to close the Product Setup window. Your free account will show up in your Workspace account list, labeled New Account.
  • Next to Workspace Email, click Manage.
  • Click the Set up forwarding accounts, click create forward. Create Forward button.
  • Complete the on-screen fields:
    FieldWhat to do…
    Forward this email address:Enter the email address you want to create. After you type @, you will be able to select any domain in your account.
    To these email addresses:Enter the email addresses you want to receive the forwarded email. You can enter multiple addresses, but they must collectively fit the 250 character limit for this field.
    PlanSelect the forwarding plan you want to use.
    Catch-allSelect this option if you want this address to receive email sent to addresses at your domain name that do not exist.
    Enable auto replySelect this option, and fill out the additional fields, if you want to send an automatic reply to everyone who sends email to this address.
  • Click Create.

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