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Overview of the Campaigns page

After you’ve opened to your Email Marketing account, you can see see the Campaigns page by clicking Campaigns in the top menu. This is where you’ll create your email campaigns and newsletters. Let’s take a tour:

Email Marketing now uses responsive email templates. With the responsive email templates, your emails will automatically scale to fit any screen. Whether it’s viewed on a laptop or a smartphone, your campaigns will look great. There’s no additional action needed to take advantage of the feature.

View your campaigns

Recent email campaigns or newsletters you’ve created appear in the center of the Campaigns page. All others appear under the Compose! button in the sidebar.
All campaigns in the center and under Compose

When you select a campaign, it opens in the center of the Campaigns page.
Open campaign in center of the page

Campaign statistics

Statistics appear in the summary section for each campaign. These numbers show the total overall stats for the campaign. Click more stats to see a detailed overview of the campaign. Learn more about email marketing statistics.

Campaign tools

These tools are available for each campaign on the Campaigns page.

Campaign tools
Below are the descriptions of the buttons on the toolbar for each campaign:

EditClick to open and edit the campaign.
CloneClick to “clone” a campaign, making an exact copy of the campaign in the Campaigns page. Email Marketing adds an incremented number to the campaign title so you know which copy is the clone.
ShareClick Share to see a list of social media platforms where you can share the campaign. If you’ve set up the social sharing buttons in the email, you can click any of these to directly share the newsletter on a social network.
ScheduleClick to schedule the campaign.
SendClick to send the campaign to subscribers.
more statsClick to show the overall or combined stats for all mailings of a campaign.

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