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Creating Fax Cover Sheets

When sending a fax through Fax Thru Email, you can create a cover sheet for your fax through the application itself.

To Create a Fax Cover Sheet

    1. Click Send Fax.
    2. In the Select cover sheet area, click Create a cover sheet.
      The recipient/sender information options display.
    3. Complete the information, and then click Next.
    4. (Optional) Attach a cover sheet image.
    5. (Optional) Click the arrow to select a cover sheet template. (You can preview your cover sheet by clicking Preview
    6. Click Finish


Note: Selecting a different cover sheet template while sending a fax does not change the default template. To change the default template, select the template through your fax settings. For more information, see Setting Your Cover Sheet Options.

For more information about sending a fax, see Sending Faxes Using Fax Thru Email.